About Us


About Appliance DIY Repairs We have been supplying appliance parts at trade prices for several years now across the UK. The difference between our company and many of the other part suppliers is that we supply certain parts only for customers to do their own repairs on their own appliances. As we are engineers ourselves first and foremost, we have a good understanding of which parts need to be fitted by qualified engineers, and which parts can be fitted by customers themselves. Appliance repairs can be very costly – especially when you take into account the call out and labour charges encountered, and most of the time, what you’re paying for is the engineers knowledge. This is where we can help.

Our aim is to save you – the customer, huge savings on costly repair bills. From time to time, when we notice an increase in our own servicing volumes on a particular product, we have a thorough look at what the repair involves and try to establish if customers could potentially save money by doing the repair themselves. Any parts we supply come with very detailed simple step by step instructions which are aimed at customers who have never even dreamt of fixing their own appliances in the past. In addition to this, we are always happy to provide any further advice if you need us to. You can expect nothing less than a professional, efficient and friendly service from us.

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