Internal Water Filter

This is the latest internal water filter to replace all standard Samsung internal water filters. If the water filter you have is the internal type – ie the water filter is situated inside the fridge section in the top far left or top far right corner, then this is the replacement filter that you need. Many people use the first water filter supplied by the manufacturer when they first buy their appliance, as this is all that’s available to use. These water filters generally have a greater water capacity than the manufacturer’s standard, and have been recognised as providing the appliance with the purest, cleanest and odour free drinking water available. The water filter isn’t just supplied on its own in the hope that you will know how to replace it as are some that are available to buy. Our parts all come with full printed easy to understand step by step fitting instructions, with the sole intention in mind that somebody that has never attempted replacing a water filter before, will now be able to do so with confidence and ease. These water filters replace the older ones that are now obsolete.

This water filter is for anyone who would like to do their own replacement, following any of the following symptoms:

  • Poor water flow through the water dispenser.
  • Poor tasting water
  • Smelly water
  • Lots of sediment in the water or ice (possibly white or black – usually associated with cheaper filters where the carbon inside the filter has leaked)
  • A six month period of time since the last water filter replacement
  • A water filter indicator light on the display panel indicating that the water filter is due for replacement

Your fridge freezer may not necessarily have any of the actual faults listed, and you may not be experiencing any of the problems listed. You may just be choosing to replace your water filter as sufficient time has now lapsed since it was last replaced.

This internal water filter was designed to replace the main standard Samsung internal water filter (part 5031-6826-8731-4), and offers very high performance in removing chlorine which is now (97.5%), sediment (98.6%), cysts (99.99%) and offers significant lead and mercury reduction.

Remember, this filter type is ONLY for Samsung models that use the internal water filter. We also supply external water filters for Samsung fridge freezers, and other brands as well, and these can be found on our ‘Shop’ page.

The box contains:

Internal Water Filter (part no ADR-E20) – This is the latest internal taste and odour water filter, with higher water capacity than many of the standard ones.

Complete Printed, Easy To Understand, Step by Step Fitting Instructions – To assist you in replacing the water filter, and showing you how to do so in the correct manner.

Price: £44.99