Samsung Main PCB (printed circuit board) for RSG5 Models

This Main PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the correct part for the RSG5 Series fridge freezer. If your appliance has just completely stopped working with only the lights on inside and very little else, the chances are it is the Main PCB that is at fault. Likewise, some customers are experiencing problems such as the entire appliance defrosting and becoming warm, and then it just comes back on again and starts working of its own accord. Other similar experiences customers have had, are when the appliance shut’s itself down, and the only way to make it run again is by switching it off at the mains, and then back on again. These faults are all consistent with a failure on the Main PCB, and once started, will continue time after time until the Main PCB is replaced. This is the latest modified part that Samsung insist are now fitted to their appliances. This item will come with printed step by step, easy to understand instructions for fitting. We have put together the instructions without the need for any engineers jargon or technical specifications needing to be used!

This is a repair kit for anyone to do their own repair on their Samsung RSG5 Series American Style Side By Side Fridge Freezer that has any of the following symptoms:

  • An appliance that has stopped running, yet is still plugged in and switched on.
  • An appliance that has stopped running, defrosted the food and come back on again of its own accord.
  • An appliance that has stopped running, and needs to be switched off and on at the mains to make it run again.

This particular repair kit would only be required if the appliance stopped running, even if lights were on inside and the display was illuminated. If only one compartment of the fridge freezer stopped working or only one part of one of the compartments stopped working, the fault is unlikely to be a Main PCB failure, and in this instance, we would recommend you to contact Samsung to obtain the details of your local service centre who will be able to assist you with this.

This main PCB is for particular models of Samsung fridge freezers. First, you will need to check your model number. This can be found by opening the fridge door and looking for a sticker that will be at eye level on either the left hand side or right hand side wall. A barcode sticker showing the same information can also be found on the outside of the appliance on the bottom left hand side, bottom right hand side or on the back of the unit. If your model number has the following format of letters or numbers, this kit will be compatible:-


The repair kit contains:

Main PCB (part no DA41-00524G) – This is the new printed circuit board.

Complete Printed, Easy To Understand, Step by Step Fitting Instructions – To assist you in replacing the Main PCB, and showing you how to do so in the correct manner.

Price: 99.99

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