Samsung Repair Kit for the RS21 Coolzone Models

The kit contains all the parts required to correctly repair your own fridge freezer. All parts supplied are the latest modified parts that Samsung insist are now fitted to their appliances. It transpired that the previous stock which sadly is still available to buy, was renowned for having a few problems, and often resulted in the repairs needing to be done a few times on a regular basis. The parts supplied in this kit, have all the latest safety modifications, as well as improved defrost heater conductivity, and improved air flow for a more efficient and even distribution of the fridge temperature. This kit will come with printed step by step, easy to understand instructions. We have put together the instructions without the need for any engineers jargon or technical specifications needing to be used!

This is a repair kit for anyone to do their own repair on their Samsung American Style Side By Side Fridge Freezer that has any of the following symptoms:

  • A noisy fan that slows to a stop as soon as you open one of the doors.
  • Freezing of food in the vegetable drawers.
  • Warm food and drinks on the shelves.
  • Quieter running noises than usual.
  • Ice formation on the evaporator cover (behind the salad drawers).
  • Water on the floor inside the fridge compartment.
  • No water flow through the water dispenser.

Your fridge freezer may not necessarily have all of these faults, but one or two of these faults in conjunction with each other are the most common causes of this problem.

This kit is for particular models of Samsung fridge freezers. First, you will need to check your model number. This can be found by opening the fridge door and looking for a sticker that will be at eye level on either the left hand side or right hand side wall. A barcode sticker showing the same information can be found on the outside of the appliance on the bottom left hand side.
If your model number begins with any of the following format of letters or numbers, this kit will be compatible:-

  • RS21J...
  • RS21K...

There are a few variations to the last three letters on the model number, so as an example if your model is illustrated as RS21JLAL or RS21KGRS etc, this kit will be compatible. If you’re unsure, just email us, and we’ll be able to advise you accordingly.

If your Samsung fridge freezer begins with the following model number, your Samsung fridge freezer will not have a Coolzone compartment and this kit will not be compatible, although we can supply the correct one if you require:

Just have a look on our shop page, and you’ll find the correct one there.

The repair kit contains:

Evaporator Cover (part no DA97-01419M)– This is the latest modified cover with the new air ducts and heater attachment to prevent ice build ups that happen on similar parts.

Evaporator Fixer Clip (part number DA61-03585A)– This attaches to the new heater and improves the heater conductivity even further than before

Main Evaporator Defrost Heater (part number DA81-01691A) – As you will notice, this is the latest modified heater which is now slightly shorter on the right hand side and re-insulated, reducing the risk of overheating, fire risks, and frequent replacements as has been the case in the past. If you look at almost all of the ones that are being sold by other companies online, you will spot the difference, and some of them are still being supplied attached to the evaporator itself. Again, these are the heaters that Samsung now provide their own engineers with to fit.

Defrost Termination Sensor (part number DA32-00006U) – This is the sensor with the yellow lead and a black head. The old parts are still being sold by other companies and these are denotable by the white head. The old stock with the white heads had problems with moisture leaking onto the head of the sensor causing it to fail. The sensors with the black heads have been sealed correctly in the factory.

Thermal Fuse (part number DA47-10162F) – This is the sensor with the black and red lead and the white foam head. The only real modification on this part is the foam that Samsung have now added. The old parts were often fitted too close to the heater and with the lack of insulation (foam cover), were failing as the temperature from the heater was too severe for them. These are designed to go ‘open circuit’ at 72oC for safety reasons, but these were going ‘open circuit’ unnecessarily in the past because of the design of them. The extra insulation from the foam cover, ensures that the thermal fuse continues to do its job safely without the need to fail as they used to in the past.

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