Samsung Ice Maker for All RS21 / RS60 and some SR-S Models

This is the latest complete ice maker for all Samsung RS21 and RS60 models that have an ice and water dispenser, and some SR-S models that have an icemaker and water dispenser. The ice maker isn’t just supplied on its own in the hope that you will know how to replace it as are some that are available to buy. Our parts all come with full printed easy to understand step by step fitting instructions, with the sole intention in mind that somebody that has never attempted replacing a part such as this before, will now be able to do so with confidence and ease. All parts supplied are the latest modified parts that Samsung insist are now fitted to their appliances.

First of all, let’s find out if it is your ice maker that’s at fault. To do this, open the freezer door, and lift and pull the ice bucket out of the freezer.

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The ice bucket

With the ice bucket removed, feel inside the ice tray to see if there is water, ice or nothing at all in there. If there is water or ice in the ice tray, grab a dish, container or bowl, and hold it underneath the ice maker unit whilst performing the test. On the underside of the ice maker, you will see a black square with a round black button in the centre of it. This is the test button. Press and hold this button for approximately two seconds. You should now hear and see the ice maker trying to operate. It should now turn all the way over, empty the water or ice into the bowl that you are holding underneath it, then return to its correct position and fill with water. If this has just happened, your ice maker is working perfectly and does not need replacing.

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The ice maker with the black test button on the underside of it.

If the ice maker has not moved, not made a noise, or struggled to move and just stopped, it would appear that your ice maker needs replacing.

This ice maker is for particular models of Samsung fridge freezers that have both an ice and water dispenser. First, you will need to check your model number. This can be found by looking inside the fridge compartment on either the left or right hand side wall at eye level, or most of these models should have a barcode type sticker on the outside of the appliance on the bottom left hand side. If your model number begins with any of the following format of letters or numbers, this ice maker will be compatible:-

  • RS21D...
  • RS21F...
  • RS21J...
  • RS21K...
  • RS60D...
  • RS60J....
  • RS60K...

There are several variations to the last 3 letters on the model number, so as an example RS21DABB, or RS21JLAL, or RS60DJSM etc are all typical model numbers that this ice maker can be fitted to. If you’re unsure, please email us, and we’ll be able to tell you straight away. In addition to this, this ice maker is also compatible with a few of the SR-S range as well. If purchasing this ice maker for an SR-S model, we would advise that you check whether your current ice maker has a square type connector like the one supplied on this ice maker. If your current ice maker has the old flat type connector, this ice maker will not be compatible. If you would like us to tell you how to check, just let us know.

The SR-S models that this ice maker should be compatible with, but would need confirmation first for are as follows:-

  • SR-S2028CSS
  • SR-S2028CVW
  • SR-S2028DVW
  • SR-S2029CSS
  • SR-S2029CVW

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The ice maker’s square type connector.

The box contains:

Ice Maker (part no DA59-301035) – This is the latest modified genuine Samsung Ice Maker.

Complete Printed, Easy To Understand, Step by Step Fitting Instructions – To assist you in replacing the ice maker, and showing you how to do so in the correct manner.

Price: £78.99

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