Samsung Vegetable Slide Cover for RSH1 Models

The Vegetable Slide Cover in the fridge compartment is prone to cracks, chips and splits, and can often look unsightly in what is otherwise a very stylish fridge freezer. This can also make the bottom drawer in the fridge very difficult to open as well.

We now have the latest replacement Vegetable Slide Cover in stock.

This Vegetable Slide Cover is for particular models of Samsung fridge freezers. First, you will need to check your model number. This can be found by opening the fridge door and looking for a sticker that will be at eye level on either the left hand side or right hand side wall. A barcode sticker showing the same information can also be found on the outside of the appliance on the bottom left hand side, bottom right hand side or on the back of the unit. If your model number begins with the following format of letters or numbers, this Vegetable Slide Cover will be compatible:-

  • RSH1D...
  • RSH1F...
  • RSH1N...

There are several variations to the last 3 letters on the model number, so as an example RSH1DTMH, or RSH1FBRS, or RSH1NHMH are all typical model numbers that this Vegetable Slide Cover is suitable for. If you’re unsure, please email us, and we’ll be able to tell you straight away.

The box contains:

Vegetable Slide Cover (part no DA97-05100F)

Price: £39.99

IN STOCK & Available for Immediate Delivery